About Us

At Unique Child Montessori your child will be guided in their development of becoming thinking, caring and responsible members of the society.

Our vision is to nurture and enable happy children into becoming competent, curious, and independent citizens in our wider community.

At Unique Child Montessori we are committed to providing an environment that is warm, welcoming and stimulating where a child can feel comfortable and realise his or her full potential. 

We foster a strong relationship between home and nursery to create a home away from home environment for the child.

We recognise parents as a child’s first and most influential teacher and as such ensure we do work in partnership with parents on all aspects of caring for your child.

Our practitioners ensure that the activities presented are at each child’s level of understanding and ability as each child sets the pace for his/her learning.

We now invite you to take a tour of our website and look forward to welcoming you and your child into our Unique Child Montessori community.