Starting at Nursery

Unique Child Montessori Nursery welcomes children and families from diverse cultural backgrounds regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, age, religious, language, physical or mental difference, sexual orientation, gender identity, socioeconomic status, or other identities. We'd love to show you around our Nursery.

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Starting at Nursery

Leaving your child at Nursery for the first time?

We know it may be a big decision to bring your child to the nursery, so we want it to be an easy transition for you. Prior to your child starting with us you will be offered a home visit and an opportunity to settle your child in with a couple of sessions.

Following a home visit your child will be given three consecutive settling in sessions which comprises of two days x 2 hour sessions and one day of a slightly longer session. 

When the time comes to leave your child at Nursery it is important to be honest with them, to tell them when you are leaving and to return at the right time. This is what we encourage during settling in sessions. However if your child is not fully settled, additional sessions will be granted.

On the first day of arrival to the nursery your child is given a peg and personal bag labelled with his/her name and a picture to encourage them recognise their peg at nursery. 

On the second visit, we suggest you leave your child with us for about 20 minutes so we can see how they adjust without you – don’t worry, their Key Worker will ensure they are happy and settled!

By the third visit your child should be happy for you to leave, say goodbye and reassure him/her that you are coming back.

During the day your child’s key person will make sure that all the children in their group are stimulated and have plenty of opportunity to try numerous activities.  Feedback will be passed to you at the end of each session. 

Whilst we would normally pay
a home visit to every child starting with us , with our new Covid -19 procedures , we are unable to carry out this requests, however we will ensure a virtual home visit can be arranged via our online video facility. 

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