We are pleased that children can access the benefits of being at nursery and we are making considerable efforts to implement measures to reduce the risk of infection. 

We all need to play our part in the effort to reduce the risk of infection in our community by: 

• Staying at home as much as possible.

• Staying safe outside your home, including maintaining social distancing (at least 2 metres) when near people who are not your household members

• Wearing cloth face coverings when in crowded public spaces (e.g. public transport and shops) to protect others.

• Washing your hands regularly and have good respiratory hygiene.

Let me take this opportunity and share our Covid related FAQ’s which support the COVID-19 safety measures put in place. This will provide an understanding of how Covid-19 will be managed within the nursery setting.

Covid related safety FAQ’s

For any concerns don’t hesitate to contact us.