Congratulations to all our graduating children starting reception in September! 

Starting Reception ?

Whilst sand, soft toys, cushions and comforters are being removed from our play rooms,  hugs and cuddles for the children will surely be! 

A solid Nursery foundation with glaring facilities instils a love of learning that lasts a lifetime says Maria Montessori. This is all about giving our pre-school children skills for the future. It’s about providing a broader skill set that children will need, such as using emotional intelligence, working as a group, extending their creativity and adaptability.

 All those skills are more important now than ever,” 

“Five top tips to get your child ready for school life.”

Help them to recognise and write their own name by putting letters on the fridge door and encouraging them to find theirs.

Teach them to use a knife and fork. Get them ergo grip cutlery It’s tactile and comes in all sorts fun designs and colours.

Expose children to a wide range of food – including vegetables. It doesn’t have to be hard work. Books like Oliver’s Fruit Salad and Oliver’s Vegetables show how much fun trying new ingredients can be.

Help children get used to changing from their school uniform to their sports kit and back again by getting them to repeat keeping all their belongings inside kit bag  as they change. Make it a game by using a stopwatch to time them.

Get them used to fastening their own buttons , shoes and trainers. Velcro is the answer. It’s quicker, easier and gives children confidence.

Thank you to all our amazing staff and families who have gone above and beyond throughout this entire period and year!